Wednesday, June 8, 2016

E Postal Scores May

 So I will eventually stop being late with reporting these. Sorry for being late (yet again) this year.

Here are the scores for May, Alot of Class 3 shooters, with a tie for first place.
Anywhere I did a yards to feet conversion, the original distance measurement is set next to.

Billll RUGER MK I       25'                 55

SusanJohnson          Ruger MK III         25'                  55

MrCcbcc  Ruger 22/45         33' (11yd) 35

Merle  Ruger MK II         25'                 30

David  Ruger MK III         25'                 10

MrCcbcc  PMR 30                 33' (11yd) 10

Danno  PMR 30           33' (11yd) 0
Class 4
David Ruger MK III        25'                 35
Class 5
Billll Glock 22           25'                 30

Merle S&W M624        25'                 10
Class 7
Billll Marlin 255        75' (25yd)          30
Class 8

Merle Ruger 10/22         75' (25yd) 20

Again Sorry for being late with posting these, no excuse.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May E postal Strategic Missile Command

Target can be downloaded here

10 Shot Limit

Multiple hits on a target do not count. 1 hit per target.

Pistols: 25ft/10 yds or range minimum which ever is greater.  Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Rifles may be shot any position including off the bench, but rests such as sandbags and bi-pods are disallowed.  The fore end of the rifle must be supported by the offhand elbow.   No time limit.

  • Rimfire, both iron sights and scope: 25 yards.
  • Centerfire iron sight & scope: 50 yards 

If you shoot the Missile Silo, automatic 0 Points


BOMBER (10 Points)

ICBM (25 Points)

City (No Shoot) (-50 points)

Missile silo. (You) (No Shoot) (-1000 Points)

Classes:  shoot anything you want and we'll find a place to record the score*.
  1. .177 cal air pistol, iron sights (air or C02 powered)
  2. .177 cal air pistol, optic sights (air or C02 powered)
  3. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, iron sights
  4. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, magnified optical sights
  5. center fire pistol, iron sights
  6. center fire pistol, magnified optic sights
  7. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle iron sights (25 yds)
  8. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle magnified optic sights (25 yds)
  9. center fire rifle iron sights (50 yds)
  10. center fire rifle magnified optic sights (50 yds)
  11. other (anything that doesn't fit the above categories)
Non-magnified optic sights (e.g. reddot) count as iron sights.  1:1 "RedDot" sights might be slightly faster to align than normal iron sights as there is only one sight to get on target, not two.  But speed is not a factor in this game so it's a wash.  Take your time and make good hits with either system.

You can Submit Scores to me at

If there is any issue with the download just email me and I will send you the PDF file.