Sunday, June 1, 2014

May E-Postal Results

Thank you to all the Shooters who shot the target.

Here is the results.
Class Shooter Gun(Make/Model)  Caliber Score

Class 3

Billl Ruger MrkI22.lr310

Chester JRuger SingleTen22.lr230

Pat BRuger Single Six22.lr220

Paula BBrowning Buckmark 22.lr210

True Blue SamRuger MrkIII22.lr200

Mrs T.B.S Mom Ruger MrkIII22.lr130

KimRuger Single Ten22.lr125

DannoRuger Single Six22.lr110

DannoRuger 22/4522.lr35

Mrs True Blue SamRuger MrkIII22.lr20

MerleStandard Model

Class 4

MerleTC Contender22.lr185

Class 5

MrccbccKimber Solo9MM-15

Class 6

MerleContender TC 9mm10'' Octagon235

Class 8

BilllMarlin 79522.lr345

Remember This months target is at Engineering Johnson with a steam punk theme. cool!


  1. Any additional Scores will be accepted through Monday 11:59 PM

  2. Thanks for hosting!