Thursday, May 1, 2014

May E-Postal

He is The target known as Fruit Sharpshooter

Target Can be downloaded Here


20 Shot Limit

Pistols: 25ft/10 yds or range minimum which ever is greater.  Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Rifles may be shot any position including off the bench, but rests such as sandbags and bi-pods are disallowed.  The fore end of the rifle must be supported by the offhand elbow.   No time limit.

  • Rimfire, both iron sights and scope: 25 yards.
  • Centerfire iron sight & scope: 50 yards 

The Shoots are

Lemon                10 Points

Pineapple         25 Points*

Watermelon     100 points**

No Shoot
Grenade          -15 Points

*Pineapple requires 2 hits to get the points
**Watermelon requires 5 hits to get the points
*** any targets with out full shot counts do not get any points

 Classes:  shoot anything you want and we'll find a place to record the score.(Sword use of ANY TYPE is grounds for Disqualification.)

  1. .177 cal air pistol, iron sights (air or C02 powered)
  2. .177 cal air pistol, optic sights (air or C02 powered)
  3. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, iron sights
  4. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, magnified optical sights
  5. center fire pistol, iron sights
  6. center fire pistol, magnified optic sights
  7. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle iron sights (25 yds)
  8. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle magnified optic sights (25 yds)
  9. center fire rifle iron sights (50 yds)
  10. center fire rifle magnified optic sights (50 yds)
  11. other (anything that doesn't fit the above categories)
Non-magnified optic sights (e.g. reddot) count as iron sights.  1:1 "RedDot" sights might be slightly faster to align than normal iron sights as there is only one sight to get on target, not two.  But speed is not a factor in this game so it's a wash.  Take your time and make good hits with either system.

You can Submit Scores to me at

If there is any issue with the download just email me and I will send you the PDF file. 


  1. Looks like a good one; I especially like the grenades. David

  2. WOW! I wondered why the bigger targets had a higher point score - then I went back & noticed the requirement for multiple hits! Very devious - I like it!

    Thanks, Merle

  3. I shot the target yesterday, I'm guessing I'm going to be in the other category shooting an air rifle. My normal air gun range only goes to 50', I could move to a different part of the yard and stretch it out to 25 yards.

  4. Are the pistols to be shot at 25 Yards or 25 Feet?

  5. Got three targets sent in, after learning a bitter lesson. I got my new glasses just before shooting; the bitter part was that my POI no longer agreed with the previous POA! Oh well, live & learn, or at least re-learn.

    Thanks for hosting.