Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shooter Self Care Class

As Mr Grayson put it, "They came, They saw, They puked" summed the class up. The cause for the class is You and your buddy are out shooting and you/your buddy got shot or go into cardiac arrest, what do you do.

The class was very informative, it taught how to do chest compressions, apply a tourniquet and how to recognise certain wounds (sucking chest wound, arterial bleed.)

Tourniquet on the arm= numb arm

Though no one did puke, Alot were close when the Eye injury portion of class came. I personally had to hide under a hat while the Ambulance Driver talked about what to do in a eye injury.
Hats, Better doors than windows.
Over all the class was worth it. It showed how to deal with some common shooting accidents like shooting your foot or turning a hand gun into a grenade, and we all got a range first aid kit to put in our range bags.

Worth it.


  1. I wish there was a class like that here - I sure could use a CPR refresher, as well as new info such as eye injuries.


  2. You are now way-ahead of most of us. Keep on having a good time while you are in Indy!