Sunday, April 27, 2014

NRA Con :Day 3

How to sum it up today, my feet hurt. Today was not as crowded as Friday and most definitely not as crowded as Saturday, which was described as "a zoo" by a Sig Sauer vendor. Today was just covering the area's I didn’t see On Friday.

Found the most confusing looking *thing?* from FNH
Star Wars anyone?
The Worker claimed on Friday it was the same angle as the other revolvers.

                                          Found this little gem at Cz

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shooter Self Care Class

As Mr Grayson put it, "They came, They saw, They puked" summed the class up. The cause for the class is You and your buddy are out shooting and you/your buddy got shot or go into cardiac arrest, what do you do.

The class was very informative, it taught how to do chest compressions, apply a tourniquet and how to recognise certain wounds (sucking chest wound, arterial bleed.)

Tourniquet on the arm= numb arm

Though no one did puke, Alot were close when the Eye injury portion of class came. I personally had to hide under a hat while the Ambulance Driver talked about what to do in a eye injury.
Hats, Better doors than windows.
Over all the class was worth it. It showed how to deal with some common shooting accidents like shooting your foot or turning a hand gun into a grenade, and we all got a range first aid kit to put in our range bags.

Worth it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

NRA Con :Day 1

will be posting from press hall.
cant wait.

Internet in the press area failed so i was unable to update from the event,

today was just busy, from the start people packed the convention hall.
saw a lot of guns today, everything from FN's AR-15's

to a World War I era M1903

First Car??
Why have one gold gun when you can have two?
The vendor was very adamant that a square looking gun was far superior then a regular revolver.

Today I also met retired Senator Rick Santorum and got a book signed by him,
And met Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North And Sergeant First Class Sammy Davis.

Today was a good day.

ended up on the local news. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

NRA Con. T-0 Days

Arrived in Indianapolis around 23:35 last night, travelling was not that much a issue, minor turbulence here and there.
Today was a tourist day, Mom having family there stayed while Dad and I went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Today just also happened to be when the tours of the entire race track.


The Entire experiance of the track was really cool, to see the history of all the races that took place there.

Tomorrow is the start of the convention, hope to see alot of cool stuff like In the past.