Friday, October 4, 2013

365 (ish) Days and Three Shotguns Later...

Tonight was the first shoot for the SCTP Target Terminators out of Rio Salado and the start of my second year with the program. My last year with the program was extremely fun, from starting off with absolutely no idea what a choke tube* is or the difference between a 12 and 20 gauge** to shooting in the state Commissioners Cup for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays to as of this past July going to Sparta Illinois to the SCTP Nationals for Trap and Sporting Clays.

Tonight wasn't terribly busy. I was able to see two of my team who went and shot at Sparta. On both rounds I got 21/25 birds.*** Not exactly a best but not my worst either.

Target Terminators is having another shotgun Raffle,  Like last year you have a chance to win a Winchester SX3 Sporting 12 Gauge Shotgun. tickets still $5. or 5 for $20

Super X3 Sporting (Adjustable Comb)
Photo Courtesy Winchester Repeating Arms.
*Choke Tube : a tube that goes on the end of the inside of the barrel to determine the shot pattern.
** Different size of rounds for shotguns. 12 being larger and 20 ga. smaller and yellow.
Left: 410 caliber. Middle: 20 Gauge. Right: 12 Guage
 *** Birds: Clay targets.

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  1. Sure is a lot to learn, huh? Hang in there - you'll be OK. It pays to listen to those with more experience.