Saturday, August 3, 2013

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A few Days ago one of mom's friends called up with a issue. Her dad recently passed leaving Her his guns & ammo and she just wanted to make sure the firearms were safe to use. So today she dropped by with the guns and ammo and the first thing dad notices with the ammo was it was A: $8.90 for 500 rounds and B: from Smittys (Arizona walmart-ish store that went defunct in the 90's)

And the two firearms She had acquired are two, in my personal opinion classic firearms, a .22lr Ruger Single Six and a .410 cal Mossberg 500,

Both firearms on closer examination by Dad show probably little to no use, (somethings wrong with that...)

Also , She asked alot of good questions on where to buy guns, reputable FFL's and guns-smiths along with many many other questions. and hopefully we might see her out at the range soon.
(Left to right).410 bore, 20. ga.,
Barrel Difference