Friday, July 19, 2013

SCTP Nationals:Day 3

Today was the first 4 rounds in trap for SCTP  Nationals in Sparta Illinois. Wind today varied, at some points helping keep the birds aloft and at other times making the orange clays almost impossible to hit. The Teams score improved with each round. It didnt help that on our first 50 shots the clay throwers threw Birds in unexpected directions. Our last round was the best with me personally missing one target. Tomorrow is the last day and I expect that we will to 100,000,000 times better!

The Team by the World Shooting & Recreation Center Sign


  1. You all look pretty fresh! Are you getting used to the humidity? We had nice breezes two hours east of you today, and ninety degrees didn't feel so bad for a change.

  2. This article was reposted with ccbcc permission on the Rio Salado Target Terminators site at 2013 SCTP Nationals