Thursday, July 18, 2013

SCTP Nationals: Day 2

  Today was round two of Sporting Clays for SCTP Nationals in Sparta Il. The other Rio Salado squad did really good today, They took home a 4th place Trophy. I shot individually while the other three shot together, But good job guys! Tomorrow and Saturday will be Trap and I expect that Rio will be taking home a medal/trophy ect.
The Team(Left To Right) Coach Jeff,Nathanial,Mathew,Me,Dakota.


  1. Friday is going to be another Hottie; Hydrate! The cold front is forecast to come in Saturday late afternoon; probably too late to give you relief. Keep us posted on how you do! David

  2. This article was reposted with ccbcc permission on the Rio Salado Target Terminators site at 2013 SCTP Nationals