Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SCTP Nationals :Day 1

  Today was the first day of SCTP Nationals, and for The team From Rio Salado, we started with the first day of Sporting Clays. All I can say about The Sporting Clays facility here , I see why its a world class range, there were some difficult targets to say the least.

Today also, Me and Dad met with Mr.True Blue Sam who gave our group some Sprays to help keep the chiggers and other bugs away and also walked with our group.
 Thankfully the temperature and  humidity made it feel closer to Arizona Temps.

     On a side note, after Our team Finished shooting we all drove to the main building to use up the precious A/C and we got to meet and Take a picture with the Potterfields of Midway USA. That was a pretty cool experience.

Also, When dad and I were walking around looking at random vendor stores, we found pallets of ammo.
where do you go to buy this????

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  1. This article was reposted with ccbcc permission on the Rio Salado Target Terminators site at 2013 SCTP Nationals