Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SCTP Nationals :Day 0

  Today was mostly travel to Illinois. Thankfully the two teammates who were marooned in New Mexico where able to get a new vehicle and should arrive tonight, so no need for Fed-ex.
The TSA line was  bearable, We weren't pulled to the side for a "Random Screening" so they Must have hit there quota. The attendant at The airline front desk was a complete idiot offering no help but a lot of attitude. the flight itself was not bad besides for random patches of turbulence.

Since the TSA will not allow snacks and water Dad and I Went to A Illinois Wal-mart, and due to the fact this is a very gun unfriendly area I was surprised By two out of three things. First surprise was that the Wal-mart Carried ammo, My second surprise was the fact the ammo had the same price as Arizona. The only non surprise was the fact that The only ammo they had were Shotgun shells or lesser used rounds.

Tomorrow is the first day of Nationals, My team is starting with Sporting Clays, Should be fun!

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