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World War Z

        Finally after 7 years since the World War Z book by Max Brooks was first published, the Hollywood movie is released.

  So this morning Mom and I went down to the local theater, payed for over-priced tickets, popcorn & soda And Sat down to enjoy the movie adaptation of a great book. So here is my review of both movie And book.  
Spoiler Alert


I probably should Start with the Book first.

The cover of World War ZPlot:
      World-War Z takes place during present day and is written with the transcripts of survivors of the Zombie out-break.  The story Starts with the discovery of 'Patient Zero', a Child in rural China, And even thought the Chinese government attempted to stop the chance of a outbreak, the virus spreads through-out the world thought black-market trade and smuggling.

      Soon enough Israel starts a quarantine building massive walls around its boarders and only allowing uninfected Jews and Palestinians. During this time of exodus India and Pakistan destroy each-other in a nuclear war to stop refugees from entering India. and During this time of global mayhem the United-States does little to prepare, instead using a placebo 'Vaccine' to create a false security. The result of this being the loss of many population centers In a time called 'The Great Panic', something seen In other places all around the world. In response to the rising undead threat, the US Military stages a heavily publicized defense at Yonkers,New York. Which Cold-war and 'Shock and Awe' tactics are used, The defense was a total Failure, ending miserably causing heavy casualties and affecting civilian moral majorly. Similar defenses are also attempted around the world and all result in similar disastrous results.

      The next part of the book discuses a plan adopted in South Africa. The 'Redeker Plan' as it was know called for two different forms of sanctuary zones, small zones for military/government regroup and much larger fortified zones filled with civilian and refugees to be used as a pawn to draw zombies away from the Smaller essential zones. Soon other countries develop or adopted there own version of the 'Redeker Plan.'

During this part of the book, it discusses the mass evacuation of North America Across the Rocky Mountains or above the snow-line and the fate of the crew of the ISS who helped keep Satellite communication operational and found the mega swarms of zombies in Asia and the great plains.

Seven Years after The Great Panic, the remainder of the worlds leaders meet off the coast of Hawaii and start the offencive to take back the undead occupied lands and during the three-year campaign the US Military re-invents its tactics like using cheaper less complicated more reliable tools like the Lobotomize  (Half spade have battle axe) and The Standard Infantry Rifle (SIR), 5.56 NATO semi-auto rifle. The Military also starts using new battle tactics like focusing on head shots and slow steady rates of fire.

The book concludes Ten years after the official End of the undead war and takes a look at the millions of still active zombies and aftermath of the war all over the world. China's former communist government was destroyed by a rebel controlled nuclear submarine. Russia turned into a religious state. North Korea's population vanished, the UK became the largest oil exporter and many countries became reformed or unified.

The Book is made up of short-stories set In a ten to twenty year period. The paper-back is 342 pages long. and At least when I started reading the book it was almost impossible to put down.
I would Give the book 10/10 .

World War Z poster.jpg


   World War Z the movie stars around a former UN employee Gerry Lane and his journey to find the
cause of the zombie out-break.

The Movie starts with Lane family sitting in traffic in Philadelphia when a major zombie virus  outbreak
occurs and the Lane's escape to Newark,New Jersey where the UN sends a helicopter to evacuate the family.

The helicopter transports the family to a UN command ship off the coast of New York where Gerry is Asked to help The Military and There lead Scientist to find a cure. Gerry is soon forced to agree to help after the Captain of the Command Ship threatens to kick Gerry's family off the ship. Soon Gerry, The UN's leading virologist and a team of Navy SEALS fly to Camp Humphrey in South Korea where the first recorded use of the word 'zombie' related to the outbreak was sent.

When The Team Arrives at the base they are soon attacked by the undead staff at the base. in the fight the Doctor accidentally kills himself when he Slipped and shot him self. The remaining survivors are then rescued by a small group of Army survivors hiding in the base. The Leader of the army unit there informs Gerry of a local who bit the base Doctor and shows him the Room of incinerated bodies where the soldiers first saw the outbreak. Also In the base, A former CIA operative who Informs Gerry to go to Jerusalem, a now fortress implying that Israel had known Of the threat before the rest of the world.

In Israel, Gerry Meets there Intelligence Agencies Leader Who informs him that India had reports of undead and Israel started a quarantine to not be caught off guard. But while Gerry is there The loud noise from inside the city Causes the Infected to Climb over the wall and chaos soon erupts. During the mayhem On of the soldiers, Segen who was sent to protect Gerry is bitten and has to have her arm amputated to stop the infection risk and they soon escape the overran Israel on a Commercial jet.   

Gerry soon has the Jet diverted to a W.H.O facility in Wales, but in-rout a stow-away zombie breaks-out of the galley elevator and starts to attack the other passengers, Then a grenade explodes on the plane and the Zombies are sucked out of the hole in the aircraft's fuselage. The plane crashes Leaving only Gerry and Segen as the survivors. The pair make it to the W.H.O facility where Gerry figures out the zombies stay-away from already Ill host and volunteers to be injected with a terminal but curable pathogen. The only issue was The wing which Held the Pathogens was overran by zombies when a doctor accidentally  infected himself and attacked his colleague's. Gerry soon Fights his way to the Vault and Injects him-self and passes several zombies with-out being attacked.

Going on the 'camouflage' discovery, governments all around the world use it to assist fleeing civilians and soldiers. The movie ends with Humanity fighting back for lands occupied by the Undead.


 I want to state that I was a tad disappointing with the movie, as seen above I have read the book many times and Really enjoyed the story.  The Movie was nothing like the book. In The book the zombies are slow, in the movie the zombies are faster than Olympic runners.

Other then the movie being having only a name to share with the book the story was to me interesting. still have hopes up for a Band-Of-Brothers style show perhaps more related to the book.

The movie was very scary for a PG-13 film. Many of the frightening scene's were where the zombies jumped In the camera and attacked people. most of the Violence is implied or shown from very far away. there's very Little gore, the zombies to look decayed  and sometimes are covered in blood.

I give the movie a 8/10.

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