Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013 "Doom" E-postal Results

  To all the shooters who shot this month, Thank-you and I hope you had fun.
Here are all the scores and targets that were turned in.

Class Shooter Gun(Make/Model) Caliber Sight Range Score

Class 3

Pat B S&W 617 Open 11yd 11160

Billll Ruger MkI Iron 25ft 11150

Mr.Completely High Standard Pistol RD 25ft 11100

True Blue Sam Ruger MkIII RD 25ft 10200

Mrs True Blue Sam Ruger MkIII RD 25ft 10000

ccbcc Ruger 22/45 Iron 11yd 10


True Blue Sam Ruger 10/22 Tactical RD 25yd 10000

Class 8

Billll Remington Nylon 66 Optic 25yd 11175

Danno Ruger 10/22 Optic 25yd 10000

ccbcc Ruger 10/22 Optic 25yd 135

Class 9

Ccbcc Nerf Maverick Suction Dart plastic 4.7 ft 10135

Remember this months target is by Engineering Johnson  And it looks really Fun!.

*Red Dot Sight

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