Sunday, May 5, 2013

NRA Convention day 3

 Reporting live (again) In the press room at the 142nd annual NRA Convention.

today is not as crowded as yesterday or friday, Yet it is still very busy.
so far of what me and the family as seen was a free mini concert infront of the FN booth that the crowedsoon invaded two other booths for. (pics to follow). Red Jacket Firearms(as seen on TV) FN,

Updates soon to follow


Got a Few good Pics from this years convention,

We found a Bus With a Minigun.
Hippies Worst Nightmare.
 And Mini -Guns
Bad joke I know..

 Also found a three barreled shotgun,

The Breech


I believe it was a Chippa Firearms Triple Crown 12 Ga.  I thought it was interesting that it weighed no more than most of the Over-Unders on the floor. Im still Questioning If the shotgun can be used for Sporting Clays or Skeet.

As I said before, FN Herstal hosted a mini-concert with  Mark Wills where Played two songs, "19 something" and "Looking For America" then gave away a 9mm handgun  and signed copies of his new album.

And While there I of course had to drool on the SCAR's , P90's and Fn2000.
War-Face. PNG

   DPMS Brought a trailer of AR-15s

And I again found a AR with a cross-bow attachment,

And two odd colored

and a Saiga -12

To end this Post, I give you a panorama view Houston from outside the press room.

It was a good convention this year. Texas was fun.
See you all for Indy 2014 next Year!

(C)2013 All Photos Taken By Mrccbcc & Sand Castle Scrolls

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