Friday, May 3, 2013

NRA Convention. Day 1

    Reporting LIVE from the 142nd annual NRA Convention.

so far the convention is very busy. Me and Dad have been able to see hi point booth ,Mossberg, and many others .(pics soon to follow.)

soon is the Leader Ship Forum . updates to follow.

Today Was a very busy first day for the convention, We saw many different guns and booths,

One booth in particular Had two military SAW's
The BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)
and the M240 I believe
And The booth Next to it had a M2 Browning Machine Gun

We also went to the Hi Point Booth
The Barret booth with all the 50.s


The Leader Ship Forum had a great group of speakers, Amongst them
 Chris Cox (Who on Multiple occasions called out the Main Stream Media)
 Wayne LaPierre
US Ambassador John Bolton.

Gov. Bobby Jindal ,

Gov. Rick Perry,

Former US Senator Rick Santorum

Senator Ted Cruz, who on a Side note got mixed reviews from the crowed, Half cheers and the rest booing

And Former Gov. Sarah Palin

There where many more Great speakers than I listed today. I Recorded a bit and it should appear on You-Tube shortly
Also Sorry For the poor quality of the photos,  The Hall was much different from last year. :/

(C)2013 All Photos Taken By Mrccbcc & Sand Castle Scrolls

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