Thursday, May 2, 2013

NRA Convention :Day 0

     Just arrived in Houston Texas for the annual NRA Convention

I would have liked to say there was no issue with TSA. but of course the whole family was pulled aside for an "Random Screening". because as everyone knows, pasty white people are Chechen separatists. so after that minor inconvenience , we enter the monsterish line . A few minutes later, for added entertainment ,some lady who had to have been drnk enters the line kicking a garbage bag along the line yelling slurred f-bombs and worse, at one point even abandoning her stuff altogether. eventually she falls down and the TSA fenced her off from the public. the last that was seen of her was Phoenix P.D carrying her away by her arms and legs.

 The flight its self was uneventful .

  We thankfully arrived to Huston early and was able to meet with the other bloggers. Snooze Button Ronin taught me and mom how to eat crawfish. it was fun.

Tomorrow starts the convention, should be fun!

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