Friday, May 10, 2013

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Sorry For Being late with posting this.

I Present The DOOM Target

based From the first 'First Person Shooter' (FPS) DOOM*. This target has * different Things to shoot at. From the 1 shot death Imp to the Cyber Demon himself.

You can Download the Target here
You Can Download and Print The Score Sheet here

There Is a 20 Shot Limit.

Pistols: 25ft/10 yds or range minimum which ever is greater.  Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Rifles may be shot any position including off the bench, but rests such as sandbags and bi-pods are disallowed.  The fore end of the rifle must be supported by the offhand elbow.   No time limit.

  • Rimfire, both iron sights and scope: 25 yards.
  • Centerfire iron sight & scope: 50 yards 
Classes:  shoot anything you want and we'll find a place to record the score. (I reserve the right to draw the line at RPGs Or BFG 9000).

  1. .177 cal air pistol, iron sights (air or C02 powered)
  2. .177 cal air pistol, optic sights (air or C02 powered)
  3. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, iron sights
  4. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, magnified optical sights
  5. center fire pistol, iron sights
  6. center fire pistol, magnified optic sights
  7. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle iron sights (25 yds)
  8. .17/.22 cal rim fire rifle magnified optic sights (25 yds)
  9. center fire rifle iron sights (50 yds)
  10. center fire rifle magnified optic sights (50 yds)
  11. other (anything that doesn't fit the above categories)
Non-magnified optic sights (e.g. reddot) count as iron sights.  1:1 "RedDot" sights might be slightly faster to align than normal iron sights as there is only one sight to get on target, not two.  But speed is not a factor in this game so it's a wash.  Take your time and make good hits with either system.

You can Submit Scores to me at

*Note: This Target is not affiliated With ID Software or the 'Doom' Franchise

I was notified that the link to the target was down. I think that is fixed. if it still is a problem you can E-mail me at   Smallestconservative-at-hotmail-dot-com and I can e-mail the PDF of the target back to you.



  1. Go ahead and allow the RPG and/or BFG9000, but only with video of the shoot. Definitely demand the video.

  2. What he said! Video or it didn't happen! ;=) ;-)

  3. the link to the target doesn't work. It says the file does not exist. ??

    Mr. C.

  4. I like that doom target this task is different things to shoot. It's an aiming the point to shoot them.