Sunday, May 12, 2013

5.2 Seconds...

 Around January, the Local Range had there annual dinner, where in the cost to enter was a raffle ticket, and there where various prizes. Ammo, knives that sort of stuff, and a certificate for a Belt Fed Machine gun Match. You can probably see where this is going to.

well about two weeks ago I called and verified my entry for this months Match. and he told me and Dad what was going to happen. and said something along the Lines of "Oh Yeah, You'll be shooting a MG-42". Mind Explosion.

And Yesterday was the day of the match.  When the family arrived to the High-Power Range, he showed me the basics of the weapon. How to load, clear and move the gun. then he showed me how the Gun worked on a tri-pod and He let me sight in the MG.

The Match Was shot in 'short controlled burst'. so it wasn't entirely 5.2 Seconds, most of the match Was hitting a 1X1 orange plate at 100+ yards.

It was A Really epic experience. It was my first time ever shooting a belt fed and is was really cool to be in the presence of such a historic weapon.

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  1. I'm more than a little jealous! I am glad you enjoyed the experience.