Saturday, April 6, 2013

Commissioners Cup TRAP EDITION

          Returned from the SCTP Commissioners Cup for Trap today. It was hosted at the Tuscon Trap & Skeet Club range.

Like The Ben Avery Commissioners Cup, It was Really Fun. My squad spent most of the day on the course, We where given 205  Rounds of ammo (200 for the main shoot, 5 spares.) for 4 stages, 50 shots at each stage.

 At the Event I was designated the Squad Captain, So I got to ask the standard questions of  "Squad Ready? Scorer Ready? May I see a Bird Please?", I got to shoot first & sign my name on the score sheet. That was cool.

In the event there was two rounds. 100 Shots each at two stations.

In the First round, My Squad was doing really well. Getting consisting Or better scores. I personally got
21 The First time, 22, the second, 20 The third time and 19 the fourth. At some point a small competition was set up between me and a fellow shooter to see who could get a better score.

The second round was almost as good, We got consisting scores On the first stage but the last stage was a problem. The Voice-activated launchers where not re-filled and many of us had to call 6 to 7 times tell a bird was thrown. so we missed some points with that and on the final stage we did not do as well as previous rounds; but we still did really good over all.

In a few weeks is skeet , cant wait!

The Squad took 3rd place for the Group of squads We were in.  All of the squad Did really well, One shooter on the Team got a 22 out of 25, the highest score on the team.

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