Sunday, March 31, 2013

Commissioner's Cup

Went to The Arizona State SCTP Sporting Clays Commissioners Cup Yesterday.
It was hosted by The Scholastic Clay Target Program and was on the Ben Avery Sporting clay fields.

It was alot of fun. There was 103 squads competing. 3 people per squad.

In The Shoot, there were ten Stations  and all were either set up as Report Doubles* Or True Doubles** and 10 shots per station.  The way station order was set up was there were 2 teams per station. In my case my team (The Rio Salado Target Terminators)  was paired with a team out of Prescott.  It was interesting talking to them. One commenting that it was nicer to shoot down in the valley with little wind then up north. needless to say it wouldn't have surprised me in the least if they won something. The Rio Squad did ok, around 70 - 75, some firearm malfunctions happening here and there but not common. all the teams and most, of the people running the stations where very kind, like offering advice if The shotgun was malfunctioning.

It was really fun, next week Is Trap shooting down in Tuscon. Cant wait!
                                      Photo courtesy of Dad "danno" at Sand Castle Scrolls.

Side Note: 
The raffle is still going on for The Winchester SX3 Sporting Shotgun

Photo Courtesy Winchester Repeating Arms.

The shotgun was present At the competition yesterday, It does look like the picture above,
tickets still 10.00$ And the drawing will be next Friday.  one ticket gives you a chance to get one of two Winchester SX3 Sporting shotguns. For more info head over to

* Report Double is when the second clay is thrown when the first shot is fired.
** True Double is when both clays are thrown  when the shooter yells "pull!"

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  1. Nice recap! How did you place in the results?

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