Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day

As you may know, Today was Gun Appreciation Day , And To show our Support for the 2nd Amendment, Dad , SCmom ,Me ,Mr Capitalist Pig and Ms Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy  And a few Other Friends went to the Local range to Shoot Some Clay Pigeons.

Mom Shooting

So After Arriving and meeting Up with the other shooters, We all went to the Standard clays to do some Shooting. SCMom, Finally Got to Shoot the 20 Gauge. She Shot a few times, Though she Missed the targets, I think she had fun.

so After shooting About a Box At The throwers, All of us Walked down To The Simulated Hunt that is On the range. That Was Interesting to say the least; With the birds* flying This way and that way. At Least on One Of the Throwers, You Just had to about look straight Up to See the Bird.

And I think the best Part of the Day for me was, it was on the simulated hunt, one station Just had Both Of the Throwers Paths Cross each other. And I was shooting Doubles and I hit Both Birds with one shot. And Then Realizing that I hit both birds with one shot. Very cool.

Today Was A pretty good day In General.

* Clay Pigeons 

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