Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Electoral Collage and Why It Works and How it Can Be Fixed

 In the Aftermath of This Election, there is many questions about the Electoral Collage.

So, here's My explanation on Why the Electoral Collage exists, and why we use it.

   The Electoral Collage Started Right around the time of the birth of the United States. Unlike today, where Election news and Propaganda is on Fox, MSNBC , CBS and so on and so forth: In the 1700's People Were not as informed in the Election, so The Framers of the Constitution set up The Electoral Collage to vote for the people of there state. It was also brought Forth as the same reason we have two Houses of
Congress. For example, If we just relied on the popular vote The candidates like Lets say Obama And Romney, would only have to go to the Big Cities Like LA, San Fransisco, New York , Chicago ect. and leave out whole states like Alaska, the Dakotas and All the Other States with smaller populations. The Electoral Collage works so that The States like Alaska, Oklahoma , The Dekota's get a say in the election.

   The Electoral Collage does have some issues. For example If Lets Say all of one state votes Republican but one of the Congressmen disagrees He or She can basically Say " My State is dumb, and I disagree with there vote." He or She can basically throw away The opinion of the people and vote for whoever He or She thinks should get it, And Thats kinda a major flaw.

   So heres my idea on how that can be fixed. just add something which can Stop Congress men and Women from not listening to the people. We Vote these people into the Congress to Represent us, not ignore us in one of the most major elections in the Country!

Well, that's Just my knowledge and idea on the Electoral Collage, How it works and how it can be fixed.

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  1. Look up the "role of electoral delegates". Learn you must, shiny!