Friday, October 5, 2012

My First Shotgun Experience

     Just Got Back From my first shotgun shoot. First off, shooting a 20 gauge is really fun! Second, i am a horrible shot with A shotgun.

      to start off, Dad found out at the local range they Had a shotgun Program for juniors and me thinking,"Huh Never shot a shotgun before(Mainly because we only have 12 g and im a wimp with recoil.) I guess it would be fun to learn how." so a month after me and Mom Drove down to the Range, Signed up and I got to take a Shooters Safety class.

     Two Weeks later, (10-5-12) Mom and I drove down fairly early, i was first to sign in and first to Put into a group. so when the coach came by, asked for volunteers to score I volunteered Mom, so she got to Sit on a Chair and mark off on the groups score cards if we hit or missed the target. So we walk over there, another coach asked the group Have you shot before? If yes go To the right if no to the left. i was on the left, And i was first up to shoot, So the coach Says are you familiar with This shotgun? (A Remington 1170) So after learning its a Semi-auto Shotgun with no pump, the coach showed me how the Clay Pigeons would be Headed (These Clays were set up for inbound). After seeing that i was Handed a shotgun Shell, told to load and make ready. I yelled Pull! and missed. Reloading I Yelled "PULL"! And I hit the clay! And this went on for 8 more Shotgun rounds, Missing five of those Shots. and i let the next kid come up and shoot.

   So when it was my turn again. The instructor showed me The outbound clay's path. So I got eight more shots, did about the same that time. But the Last Time I got to shoot I Got 2 rounds Each target set, and we got to do inbound AND out bound and that was fun. I almost Every time break a little piece off of the first Target but completely destroy the other, and i can tell you one thing. it was AWESOME!

    it was kinda funny, some of the kids in my group like me were A) New to shotguns and B) Afraid of recoil. so One coach Realizing this Takes a 20 gauge off the rack, puts the shotgun in his crotch and fires. and Unlike some might think he put the shotgun back on the Rack and went off to help Some Kid who Was way to small for a 20 gauge. 

   In the end it was Really Fun, I hit 14 Clays out of 25, I think I did good for my first time; a lot of the
juniors who were new to Shotguns did about the same,(13-16). It was Pretty fun to A) get to use a shotgun with No real Recoil. And B) to Get the satisfaction of a Exploded clay pigeon after just starting.


  1. I'm glad you went your fear and had fun. They sell low recoil 12 gauge rounds at Walmart. Soft loads with the heavier weight of a 12 gauge are easy to shoot. My other half would probably let you borrow her Mossberg which has a recoil absorbing stock.

    P.S. I don't even know what to say about Mr. Nohuevos' demonstration.

  2. That should read: "I'm glad you overcame your fear and had fun."