Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friends of NRA Dinner 2012

         Just got Back from the Friends of NRA dinner 2012. It was pretty fun, Me,Dad and SCmom went with Ms Vast Right-wing Conspiracy And Mr Capitalist Pig. So Basically we all went Around with the silent auction, Bucket Raffle, Wall o Guns , Loud auction , Some Wheel Of Fortune thing where if you One you get a AR-15  Rails and All, Some pink Thing with Wine Glasses and a bunch Of Other things I Immediately forgot. Moving On, The Sandcastle Family Went Off to the Wheel Of fortune Thing, 18 Spins And About 26 tickets and AR-15, Maybe next time. So on the silent auction The Sandcastle Won a Belt Buckle (dibs.) , A Really Nice Holo Sight(pics will probably will end up On SC Scrolls) And 4 Bottles of Something or other.  So during the live Auction We walked away with a Picture Ronald Reagan, A Written record Of President Reagan "Tear Down This Wall!" speech and A Piece of the wall. Mom Got it. And we Also Got a NRA Walking Stick (Which Came with a Other Ticket To a gun. but I will get to that part later) and Last but Not Least We Got a Really Nice Scope.
                                              Mom With Ronnie
                                         My Tickets for the Bucket Raffle
                      Ms Vast Right Wing's Wheel Of Fortune Tickets (Right) My tickets (left)
                                                    Mom With Ronnie.(again)
NRA belt Buckle.... its so Shiny!

 So After The Loud Auction they had one More Raffle. So, Around Both Silent and Loud Auctions they had 6 "Key Items". There Was 3 for both Auctions. In the end we got one "Key Item" (a Walking Stick) and Mr Capitalist Pig got another. (A bird House). So they were raffling off a 22. Rifle. And... Dad and Mr Capitalist Pig lost... (Sad Face)

In the End It Was Really Fun.

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