Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Day

Well its the last day of the NRA convention, And i just one h3ll of a time. well to start when we got to the St. Louis Convention center     It was BRIGHT AND SUNNY!(trust me, this plays in later.) and the previous night before Danno Saw that "Days Of Our Trailers " had Spent the hour in line to meet "The Gunny" or R.Lee Ermey   So We Thought about Seeing him. So This morning. I just Bolted to the Glock Booth, were Mr Ermey was. So after getting there and loosing SC Queen twice. I got in line and about a hour of Patients and ignoring a group of rowdy FMJ Fans Re enactment of scenes from the movie. Other that that, I can Say personally. being 2 people away from this man. it is scary as hell. So Heres The summery of what happened. i walked up to his booth, i was sweating, and Nervous as ill get out. and he was Giving the Stern look he gave a few of the guys. And he Look at me and said. "I like your Hair cut." (I have a buzz cut right now) and Then he said, " You shoot." and in a really shaky voice i said " Yes Sir" and then he laughed and asked me my name, I responded. "[INSERT NAME HERE]" so we shook hands and Got a few pictures. I even got him to sign my shirt.

                                         me and "The Gunny"

                                         That shirt will only be worn once. and It has been.

so after that The SC family Walked around, And We got down by the "EO Tech" Booth. They Have a Sight i want. Dont know what gun i could put it on... but i want one. it was a Red dot Sight that Instead of a red dot. it has a Bio hazard Sight. And i guess a humorus Part of that was its name was Like Zombie Hunter or Something like that.  

                                           (Bio Hazard Sight.)

Shot gun With Said Sight.

                                         Worst Way To hold a Shot gun. but. I really dont care.

And After That  the SC Family Walked over to the Kahr-Thompson Booth  And saw The Holy Grail Of Desert Eagles, and it had any COD4 Fans favorite Version Pistol a gold Desert eagle. So i got to Hold a few Heavy Pistols along with a Tommy Gun and M1 Carbine.

                                         Gold Desert Eagle.

                                         Gold Tommy Gun.(alot of gold things?)

                                          Regular tommy gun

                                         And a M1 carbine.

After that the SC family roamed  by the Crosman Booth.  and i noticed they had a Small pistol which Looked like a Walther P38 (Its real name is  Air Mag C41 )  and an TT-33 Type air soft Pistol.



after that me and SC Queen walked back to the press office. So we sat down for a few moments. Talked with  Days Of Our Trailers for a bit. Got Danno some Coffee and walked out To the Exhibition hall with DOOT (days of our trailers). On the way There There was a Crowd-group of guys in suits rushing around this One guy ,  I waved at him. and he waved back . Then it hits me. That man in a suit I waved at  Was the NRA's own Chris Cox. That was needles to say. That was pretty cool...    After realizing a Tactical error on my part. (I said to Dad "meet me at the NRA Booth in 10 - 15 Minutes." i looked at a Map. Theres about 20 NRA booths.) me and dad Walked around A bit. Drooling over a few Marlins, Bushmasters and Alot of other neat Fire arms.  We got Four Springfield armory T-shirts and Regrouped with The other bloggers at the press office. and sat there for a few moments escaping a Mob of people Looking at all the cool guns Before the booths packed up.

Over all The last day of the NRA Convention.was a blast

Cant Wait For Next Year in Houston Texas!

~ Mrccbcc

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