Friday, April 13, 2012

Awsome day # 129

Lets see...Went to the Leader ship forum at The 2012 NRA Convention. Press passes got me in press pool, I get REALLY good pics of presidential Candidates... and to top it all off, I MADE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ANGRY. (20+ bonus points.) Well the back story was... I was waiting in the press picture pool, Waiting for Rick Sanctorum I think. And the AP guy ask " so. who are you with," So Naturally i said, "i work With SC scrolls and the Smallest Conservative.its a blog". so after a few seconds of awkward Silence. i ask "so who are you with." and he responded "THE associated Press". and out of my Curiosity. I ask, "Who are they." Needless to say, He was not amused. So well the pictures.Which I took.

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

 Rick Sanctorum

John Bolton

 Bobby Jindal

Scott Walker

 (C2012) All photos Taken By SCson (Mrccbcc)

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