Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Electoral Collage and Why It Works and How it Can Be Fixed

 In the Aftermath of This Election, there is many questions about the Electoral Collage.

So, here's My explanation on Why the Electoral Collage exists, and why we use it.

   The Electoral Collage Started Right around the time of the birth of the United States. Unlike today, where Election news and Propaganda is on Fox, MSNBC , CBS and so on and so forth: In the 1700's People Were not as informed in the Election, so The Framers of the Constitution set up The Electoral Collage to vote for the people of there state. It was also brought Forth as the same reason we have two Houses of
Congress. For example, If we just relied on the popular vote The candidates like Lets say Obama And Romney, would only have to go to the Big Cities Like LA, San Fransisco, New York , Chicago ect. and leave out whole states like Alaska, the Dakotas and All the Other States with smaller populations. The Electoral Collage works so that The States like Alaska, Oklahoma , The Dekota's get a say in the election.

   The Electoral Collage does have some issues. For example If Lets Say all of one state votes Republican but one of the Congressmen disagrees He or She can basically Say " My State is dumb, and I disagree with there vote." He or She can basically throw away The opinion of the people and vote for whoever He or She thinks should get it, And Thats kinda a major flaw.

   So heres my idea on how that can be fixed. just add something which can Stop Congress men and Women from not listening to the people. We Vote these people into the Congress to Represent us, not ignore us in one of the most major elections in the Country!

Well, that's Just my knowledge and idea on the Electoral Collage, How it works and how it can be fixed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

T Minus 2 Days and Counting

Watching TV today, I heard a airplane Just flying around and it sounded like He was Just showing off, doing tricks and stuff. So I of course Look Outside And Find THIS.


    So, I really Hope the White House Propaganda Corp See's this, And all I have to say is; I am 99.99% sure that on the 7th Obama will be in the 7.9% unemployed.


Friday, October 5, 2012

My First Shotgun Experience

     Just Got Back From my first shotgun shoot. First off, shooting a 20 gauge is really fun! Second, i am a horrible shot with A shotgun.

      to start off, Dad found out at the local range they Had a shotgun Program for juniors and me thinking,"Huh Never shot a shotgun before(Mainly because we only have 12 g and im a wimp with recoil.) I guess it would be fun to learn how." so a month after me and Mom Drove down to the Range, Signed up and I got to take a Shooters Safety class.

     Two Weeks later, (10-5-12) Mom and I drove down fairly early, i was first to sign in and first to Put into a group. so when the coach came by, asked for volunteers to score I volunteered Mom, so she got to Sit on a Chair and mark off on the groups score cards if we hit or missed the target. So we walk over there, another coach asked the group Have you shot before? If yes go To the right if no to the left. i was on the left, And i was first up to shoot, So the coach Says are you familiar with This shotgun? (A Remington 1170) So after learning its a Semi-auto Shotgun with no pump, the coach showed me how the Clay Pigeons would be Headed (These Clays were set up for inbound). After seeing that i was Handed a shotgun Shell, told to load and make ready. I yelled Pull! and missed. Reloading I Yelled "PULL"! And I hit the clay! And this went on for 8 more Shotgun rounds, Missing five of those Shots. and i let the next kid come up and shoot.

   So when it was my turn again. The instructor showed me The outbound clay's path. So I got eight more shots, did about the same that time. But the Last Time I got to shoot I Got 2 rounds Each target set, and we got to do inbound AND out bound and that was fun. I almost Every time break a little piece off of the first Target but completely destroy the other, and i can tell you one thing. it was AWESOME!

    it was kinda funny, some of the kids in my group like me were A) New to shotguns and B) Afraid of recoil. so One coach Realizing this Takes a 20 gauge off the rack, puts the shotgun in his crotch and fires. and Unlike some might think he put the shotgun back on the Rack and went off to help Some Kid who Was way to small for a 20 gauge. 

   In the end it was Really Fun, I hit 14 Clays out of 25, I think I did good for my first time; a lot of the
juniors who were new to Shotguns did about the same,(13-16). It was Pretty fun to A) get to use a shotgun with No real Recoil. And B) to Get the satisfaction of a Exploded clay pigeon after just starting.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friends of NRA Dinner 2012

         Just got Back from the Friends of NRA dinner 2012. It was pretty fun, Me,Dad and SCmom went with Ms Vast Right-wing Conspiracy And Mr Capitalist Pig. So Basically we all went Around with the silent auction, Bucket Raffle, Wall o Guns , Loud auction , Some Wheel Of Fortune thing where if you One you get a AR-15  Rails and All, Some pink Thing with Wine Glasses and a bunch Of Other things I Immediately forgot. Moving On, The Sandcastle Family Went Off to the Wheel Of fortune Thing, 18 Spins And About 26 tickets and AR-15, Maybe next time. So on the silent auction The Sandcastle Won a Belt Buckle (dibs.) , A Really Nice Holo Sight(pics will probably will end up On SC Scrolls) And 4 Bottles of Something or other.  So during the live Auction We walked away with a Picture Ronald Reagan, A Written record Of President Reagan "Tear Down This Wall!" speech and A Piece of the wall. Mom Got it. And we Also Got a NRA Walking Stick (Which Came with a Other Ticket To a gun. but I will get to that part later) and Last but Not Least We Got a Really Nice Scope.
                                              Mom With Ronnie
                                         My Tickets for the Bucket Raffle
                      Ms Vast Right Wing's Wheel Of Fortune Tickets (Right) My tickets (left)
                                                    Mom With Ronnie.(again)
NRA belt Buckle.... its so Shiny!

 So After The Loud Auction they had one More Raffle. So, Around Both Silent and Loud Auctions they had 6 "Key Items". There Was 3 for both Auctions. In the end we got one "Key Item" (a Walking Stick) and Mr Capitalist Pig got another. (A bird House). So they were raffling off a 22. Rifle. And... Dad and Mr Capitalist Pig lost... (Sad Face)

In the End It Was Really Fun.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Day

Well its the last day of the NRA convention, And i just one h3ll of a time. well to start when we got to the St. Louis Convention center     It was BRIGHT AND SUNNY!(trust me, this plays in later.) and the previous night before Danno Saw that "Days Of Our Trailers " had Spent the hour in line to meet "The Gunny" or R.Lee Ermey   So We Thought about Seeing him. So This morning. I just Bolted to the Glock Booth, were Mr Ermey was. So after getting there and loosing SC Queen twice. I got in line and about a hour of Patients and ignoring a group of rowdy FMJ Fans Re enactment of scenes from the movie. Other that that, I can Say personally. being 2 people away from this man. it is scary as hell. So Heres The summery of what happened. i walked up to his booth, i was sweating, and Nervous as ill get out. and he was Giving the Stern look he gave a few of the guys. And he Look at me and said. "I like your Hair cut." (I have a buzz cut right now) and Then he said, " You shoot." and in a really shaky voice i said " Yes Sir" and then he laughed and asked me my name, I responded. "[INSERT NAME HERE]" so we shook hands and Got a few pictures. I even got him to sign my shirt.

                                         me and "The Gunny"

                                         That shirt will only be worn once. and It has been.

so after that The SC family Walked around, And We got down by the "EO Tech" Booth. They Have a Sight i want. Dont know what gun i could put it on... but i want one. it was a Red dot Sight that Instead of a red dot. it has a Bio hazard Sight. And i guess a humorus Part of that was its name was Like Zombie Hunter or Something like that.  

                                           (Bio Hazard Sight.)

Shot gun With Said Sight.

                                         Worst Way To hold a Shot gun. but. I really dont care.

And After That  the SC Family Walked over to the Kahr-Thompson Booth  And saw The Holy Grail Of Desert Eagles, and it had any COD4 Fans favorite Version Pistol a gold Desert eagle. So i got to Hold a few Heavy Pistols along with a Tommy Gun and M1 Carbine.

                                         Gold Desert Eagle.

                                         Gold Tommy Gun.(alot of gold things?)

                                          Regular tommy gun

                                         And a M1 carbine.

After that the SC family roamed  by the Crosman Booth.  and i noticed they had a Small pistol which Looked like a Walther P38 (Its real name is  Air Mag C41 )  and an TT-33 Type air soft Pistol.



after that me and SC Queen walked back to the press office. So we sat down for a few moments. Talked with  Days Of Our Trailers for a bit. Got Danno some Coffee and walked out To the Exhibition hall with DOOT (days of our trailers). On the way There There was a Crowd-group of guys in suits rushing around this One guy ,  I waved at him. and he waved back . Then it hits me. That man in a suit I waved at  Was the NRA's own Chris Cox. That was needles to say. That was pretty cool...    After realizing a Tactical error on my part. (I said to Dad "meet me at the NRA Booth in 10 - 15 Minutes." i looked at a Map. Theres about 20 NRA booths.) me and dad Walked around A bit. Drooling over a few Marlins, Bushmasters and Alot of other neat Fire arms.  We got Four Springfield armory T-shirts and Regrouped with The other bloggers at the press office. and sat there for a few moments escaping a Mob of people Looking at all the cool guns Before the booths packed up.

Over all The last day of the NRA Convention.was a blast

Cant Wait For Next Year in Houston Texas!

~ Mrccbcc

Friday, April 13, 2012

Awsome day # 129

Lets see...Went to the Leader ship forum at The 2012 NRA Convention. Press passes got me in press pool, I get REALLY good pics of presidential Candidates... and to top it all off, I MADE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ANGRY. (20+ bonus points.) Well the back story was... I was waiting in the press picture pool, Waiting for Rick Sanctorum I think. And the AP guy ask " so. who are you with," So Naturally i said, "i work With SC scrolls and the Smallest Conservative.its a blog". so after a few seconds of awkward Silence. i ask "so who are you with." and he responded "THE associated Press". and out of my Curiosity. I ask, "Who are they." Needless to say, He was not amused. So well the pictures.Which I took.

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

 Rick Sanctorum

John Bolton

 Bobby Jindal

Scott Walker

 (C2012) All photos Taken By SCson (Mrccbcc)

NRA Convention 2012. ST LOUIS PT 1 pt1

Well Im Here In St Louis on Opening day of the 2012 NRA Convention. Thankyou Danno For the Press Passes! So Danno,A couple other News guys and bloggers and me and All just typing away at what we've seen so far in the press room. So far the SC Family has Seen the mossenburg, FN , Glock And A lot of other gun related business. So
heres the pictures From Part 1.

Hmm.... Well as they say.. if you prep For the zombie Apocalypse.
A hurricane is just another rain storm

Cross Bow Gernade Launcher connected to a AR-15? To things. Do want, And Did this come out of MHI?