Monday, November 28, 2011

999 The Movie

Just finished watching the Herman Cain 999 Movie. Its a very interesting movie to say the least. I learned some things that i haven't heard before. Like a 'Death tax', odd that you get taxed for a involuntary thing. but with the idiots In Washington, Im not really surprised. Well the movie starts with the explanation of the Federal Tax Code, And it explained how the 999 plan works. To use the example that the movie used, a loaf of bread, The farmer is taxed to get the wheat, The possessor is taxed to make it , the delivery company is taxed and the grocer is taxed to sell. In the end 35 - 40 % of that bread's cost is pure Uncle Sam taxes. Also later in the 5 minute movie, it showed how by Decreasing taxes, more people get jobs and money. It also has Humorous refrances to Obama, TSA And Burnie Madoff. I suggest you At least Take a Look at the Movie. its a little under 6 minutes.

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