Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New Air rifle

well Sc Dad(danno),Scmom and I Went to the Local "friends Of The NRA Banquet" I think Last Week. And Well That Night we got a few Things. One Of which was a toaster (ask Danno). And We ran Into a (enter Curse Of Your choice) Who Was apparently a Real Jerk Last year.(if your reading this...You Know Who You are) and well We Finally Beat Him This Year. For THIS!(god like Chorus In background).

and I think The day or right after the dinner we(me & Scdad) Got it and i shot This Kinda Not so Good shot.(i did this One But The Sights Were off that Night)

Then I Shot THIS SHOT!!!! :D


Well It Might Of Been Because Dad Fixed the sights. :/

The Beeman 500 Is Really A Good Air rifle. Worth The 80 - 140 $$ It cost To Buy. Used Probably less then that. Its a Fun Shoot. Dad Likes It Cause we get to use it in the garage with his other air pistol. Well I Guess ill rap up My First Real Post With thanks For Reading!

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