Monday, November 28, 2011

999 The Movie

Just finished watching the Herman Cain 999 Movie. Its a very interesting movie to say the least. I learned some things that i haven't heard before. Like a 'Death tax', odd that you get taxed for a involuntary thing. but with the idiots In Washington, Im not really surprised. Well the movie starts with the explanation of the Federal Tax Code, And it explained how the 999 plan works. To use the example that the movie used, a loaf of bread, The farmer is taxed to get the wheat, The possessor is taxed to make it , the delivery company is taxed and the grocer is taxed to sell. In the end 35 - 40 % of that bread's cost is pure Uncle Sam taxes. Also later in the 5 minute movie, it showed how by Decreasing taxes, more people get jobs and money. It also has Humorous refrances to Obama, TSA And Burnie Madoff. I suggest you At least Take a Look at the Movie. its a little under 6 minutes.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New Air rifle

well Sc Dad(danno),Scmom and I Went to the Local "friends Of The NRA Banquet" I think Last Week. And Well That Night we got a few Things. One Of which was a toaster (ask Danno). And We ran Into a (enter Curse Of Your choice) Who Was apparently a Real Jerk Last year.(if your reading this...You Know Who You are) and well We Finally Beat Him This Year. For THIS!(god like Chorus In background).

and I think The day or right after the dinner we(me & Scdad) Got it and i shot This Kinda Not so Good shot.(i did this One But The Sights Were off that Night)

Then I Shot THIS SHOT!!!! :D


Well It Might Of Been Because Dad Fixed the sights. :/

The Beeman 500 Is Really A Good Air rifle. Worth The 80 - 140 $$ It cost To Buy. Used Probably less then that. Its a Fun Shoot. Dad Likes It Cause we get to use it in the garage with his other air pistol. Well I Guess ill rap up My First Real Post With thanks For Reading!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

And the Green Flag Drops!

And whats His Name IS in The Front yadda yadda yadda.

I Guess Ill Try This(again) to Attempt To Start a Blog Some-what Mirroring What Danno Does With His blog, Yeah I Would Try this On my Other blog but, I figured that There Were 43 Post Which I Didn't Want to Go Through Pressing The "Draft" Button to Get Rid Of Em. So Yeah I was too lazy and Spent 5 Minutes of my life Making this.

iv Read...umm...A few Conservative Blogs and Am going to attempt (again) to Make one. Here Ill Be Reporting On Battling Literalism On Maybe The Most Forgotten Political Front. Our Schools.

Hopefully Ill Actually have Post that Have more Then 5 words. 10 Words At The Least.