Saturday, July 19, 2014

SCTP Nationals Day 4

Today was the last day of SCTP Nationals 2014. Rio did better then yesterday. Weather at 70 degrees sure beat 100 degree weather in AZ.  It was nice to have better weather then last year with high heat with high humidity. Better luck next year! I would like to thank Mr TrueBlueSam and Mr ILEngineGuy  for making the trip to watch us shoot and showing us the engines!

Friday, July 18, 2014

SCTP Nationals Day 3

Trap events started for Rio today. Weather was pleasant with a fair breeze. Over all every one had at least one off round. Winds at some points blocked out voice pulling. But still beats last year with 100 degree temps with high humidity. Scores averaged out in the seventies. Not our best but we will do better tomorrow ! Today I got my first 25 in competition. Beats the 24 last year. Updates and photos to follow.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SCTP Nationals Day 2

Today ended the events for sporting clays at National s today. Rio did better overall then yesterday. Weather was pleasant and much better then being in Arizona. Little wind to mess up the birds and even got a fly over by an F-22 Raptor. After shooting was finished, Rio got to meet and get a picture with Larry & Brenda Potterfield of Midway USA. Really neat! Updates,links and photos to follow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SCTP Day 1 plus bonus

Today was the start of Sporting Clays And most events of SCTP nationals in Sparta IL. The course lives up to the name of a national competition, I did better than last year. Mr TrueBlueSam and Mr ILEngineGuy 
came down to the range and watched us shoot and after we finished shooting Mr ILengineguy took out a few engines to demonstrate for us. (Photos to follow.) It was really cool ! Though I do not believe photos can convey what those kinds of engines are like in real life!

International Engine

Falk Engine

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bleep Bloop

I wasn't planning on posting this but it already has so...
Starting this season my goal as a joke due to a few unfortunate 24 scores including one where i failed to hit the very last bird...Today I guess I finally did it.

With our SCTP club and many others there is a tradition of shooting a shooters hat if they get a perfect 25 on trap. Some hats are reduced to a little bit of the bill and thats it and others are still wearable with minor repair needed. A shot hat is a trophy of bragging rights.

The tiny blob is the hat being thrown in the air with a clay inside. Eight of us were on the firing line and shot at the flying head wear. I missed.
Credit to the Pink Hat shooter's Mom for the Photo

Saturday, June 14, 2014

SCTP Western Region Trap

Windy does not even begin to describe the conditions yesterday in Prescott ,not only did it act as a tail wind to push clays down, three porta-podies toppled over due to the wind*. The main problem with the wind and the Rio team was when it wasn't there, the clays just about hit escape velocity. Rio's older team had a average of 21, doing well until what felt like a wall of wind hit us and gave the clays god-mode. Our final score was 422, landing us in 4th place. Rio's younger team took first in their class,

Updates to follow on Sporting Clays in Flagstaff later.

*no one was hurt by the falling porta-podies.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May E-Postal Results

Thank you to all the Shooters who shot the target.

Here is the results.
Class Shooter Gun(Make/Model)  Caliber Score

Class 3

Billl Ruger MrkI22.lr310

Chester JRuger SingleTen22.lr230

Pat BRuger Single Six22.lr220

Paula BBrowning Buckmark 22.lr210

True Blue SamRuger MrkIII22.lr200

Mrs T.B.S Mom Ruger MrkIII22.lr130

KimRuger Single Ten22.lr125

DannoRuger Single Six22.lr110

DannoRuger 22/4522.lr35

Mrs True Blue SamRuger MrkIII22.lr20

MerleStandard Model

Class 4

MerleTC Contender22.lr185

Class 5

MrccbccKimber Solo9MM-15

Class 6

MerleContender TC 9mm10'' Octagon235

Class 8

BilllMarlin 79522.lr345

Remember This months target is at Engineering Johnson with a steam punk theme. cool!