Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Bull gives you Air Races

This past weekend was the Red Bull Air Race in slightly cooler Las Vegas NV.

For those who don't know what the Air race is, 12-15 pilots take acrobatic aircraft around a course of pylons. The Race is timed for who ever gets around the pylons the fastest with out hitting them and following the certain rules pertaining to each race course. weekend was hosted at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. the track it self was one of the less complicated ones of the series, a few gates and pylons.

The events of Saturday was qualifiers, which was scheduled to happen 3 hours AFTER we arrived. assuming that since Nellis AFB was not far off, i figured that 'Hey air planes, the Air Force might have something cool to show all the race attendees.' Nope No Air force or anything really flying related besides a few inflated able pictures of the aircraft. not much to do for the dead time besides buy food that could quite possibly be described as worse then a elementary school lunch.

The really fun part of the trip was seeing the qualifiers, each aircraft skillfully maneuvering around  the course and beating the other races by fractions of a second. really exciting stuff!
Race Peter Besenyei and Kirby Chambliss waiting to take off
Sunday was a tad bit more interesting, wind was howling and made the pylons go every which way.
A few racers hit the pylons making them explode.* So the race stops, teams go out to fix the pylons, meanwhile the wind is getting stronger, knocking more pylons over. teams go out to re inflate the fallen pylons. then the ones they fix topple. after 20 minutes of this the race was put on hold. and deciding that it was probably not going to continue we left.

Turns out the race organizers came to the same conclusion ending the race giving it to the Canadian racer Pete McLeod.

The race was Fun to watch. It is much different in real life compared to watching the race on TV.

*The pylons are built to when anything brushes past it it shatters, no airplanes were hurt in the race.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ocean-front Property in Arizona

Come to Arizona they said, it never rains they said. 
A rather large storm came through the valley this morning. Apparently the odds of this storm happening was 0.0002% chance. It was bad enough to have schools closed down and portions of the I-10 in Phoenix get reduced to lakes. Lucky for the SC family the house is dry, our neighbors not as lucky.
So as of now, the neighbor hood is river-front property. And yes i did see people traveling in boats.
brings to mind a certain song

Monday, September 1, 2014

Range Report

Last year the challenge of a 300. Win Mag following my attempt to shoot a 44. magnum.  Me being the person who is going through 'recoil therapy'. So today after doing some mental math (its been close to two months since I have last been to the range. not good!) I asked if we could finally take out the 300. win mag to see just how bad recoil could be.  And for the record Dad has unofficially named it the "Shoulder Crusher". The rifle by my best guesstimate was somewhere around eight to nine pounds. using past experience of the recoil difference of a M1 Garand and M1903, the former being 3 pounds heavy with a semi-auto action compared to the latter with a bolt action, I was worrying for my shoulder. But thankfully it wasn't the case, The recoil was rough but bearable. I cannot get a idea for shooting a few hundred to a thousand rounds of 300. Win Mag without a muzzle break. By the end of the day, my shoulder is still in working order. and now I need to find a Anzio 20mm. Will buy the ammo.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Inconvenient Waste of time

Yeah, apparently there is no science class in school you can take that does not Involve some form of "OH NOES! GLOBAL WARMINGs GUNNA KEEL US ALL!" case and point, we had to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" as apart of our 'curriculum'. And yes I already know the movie was a waste of time before seeing it, but I had no idea it was something that quite possibly dropped my IQ. just something about the first line from Al Gore being "Hello, and for those who don't know who i am; I am the former President elect of the US." and following on that comment, a third of the movie was a montage of the 2000 election and the Supreme Court ruling against Gore. And yes at one point i did ask what that had to do with chemistry or global warming, the teacher did not have a answer. I am starting to see my idea of going through a science class without global warming is a vain hope sadly.
Also I think it goes with out saying, Gore only points out one experiment and not multiple to prove his theory of the US killing the world.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SCTP Nationals Day 4

Today was the last day of SCTP Nationals 2014. Rio did better then yesterday. Weather at 70 degrees sure beat 100 degree weather in AZ.  It was nice to have better weather then last year with high heat with high humidity. Better luck next year! I would like to thank Mr TrueBlueSam and Mr ILEngineGuy  for making the trip to watch us shoot and showing us the engines!