Monday, March 24, 2014

Because all Theories Are Accepted

Zombie Planes... apparently are being ruled as a possible cause for Flight 370's disappearance.
though further into the story the writer explains that a possible cabin depressurization knocked out or killed the passengers or crew. The one question with this theory in my mind is that if the aircraft depressurized, how come the pilots did not put on the quick donning mask? Its possible if the airplane is found all the questions can/ will be answered,  it could have been a hijacking or pilot caused crash, just to many variables to figure out. Hopefully The plane will turn up somewhere with all crew and passengers alive and well.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

As Heard From A Public School Teacher

Forward Note: today in schools as a part of a "common core" type curriculum, Schools are now teaching students the wonders of gun Control. this is a Rough transcript of my English class where such a topic was discussed for a 'Research Essay'.

Teacher:... For a example of a essay you may write, Should the government be making laws to ban Private assault gun ownership.
My Brain (aka Brain) :Well what do you define as a assault gun?
Teacher:in My opinion I think we should Ban the assault guns because people do mass murders with them.
Brain: (cringing) Well people kill people with toasters, what about them.
Teacher: Well to people really need a 20+ fullyautomatic clip to put their shells in.
Brain:(with even more cringing) do you know what any of these words mean? For starters, clips are very small and go into guns with fixed magazines like the SKS,m1903 or Garand; Second, what is a fullyautomatic clip? and third Shells are for shotguns, not rifles and fourth where do any of these things exist?

after a short while the teacher noticed my cringing in my seat listening to things that do not exist or have any relevance to the subject and she went on describing the assignment more. The icing on the cake of fail is the topic is labeled. 

    "There Should (should not) be federal laws banning private ownership of assault style guns and / or magazine clips that hold 10 or more cartridges/bullets."

I personally got a giggle out of the "magazine clip" line, this right here goes to show that the people trying to explain how evil and sadistic guns are, really dont understand what half of the things their demonizing are.

And to make things better here is a video of a California Senator doing the same thing.

(credit to Say Uncle for the video Link)

Friday, October 4, 2013

365 (ish) Days and Three Shotguns Later...

Tonight was the first shoot for the SCTP Target Terminators out of Rio Salado and the start of my second year with the program. My last year with the program was extremely fun, from starting off with absolutely no idea what a choke tube* is or the difference between a 12 and 20 gauge** to shooting in the state Commissioners Cup for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays to as of this past July going to Sparta Illinois to the SCTP Nationals for Trap and Sporting Clays.

Tonight wasn't terribly busy. I was able to see two of my team who went and shot at Sparta. On both rounds I got 21/25 birds.*** Not exactly a best but not my worst either.

Target Terminators is having another shotgun Raffle,  Like last year you have a chance to win a Winchester SX3 Sporting 12 Gauge Shotgun. tickets still $5. or 5 for $20

Super X3 Sporting (Adjustable Comb)
Photo Courtesy Winchester Repeating Arms.
*Choke Tube : a tube that goes on the end of the inside of the barrel to determine the shot pattern.
** Different size of rounds for shotguns. 12 being larger and 20 ga. smaller and yellow.
Left: 410 caliber. Middle: 20 Gauge. Right: 12 Guage
 *** Birds: Clay targets.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friends of NRA Ben Avery Fun Shoot.

 Today was the "Friends of NRA 100 Big Bangs For Freedom" fun shoot out at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center. The course was much like it was In Sparta, I giant mile-long loop with 15 shooting stages around it.
The shooting stages on the course varied from beginners targets to scenarios that closely  resembled what was in the SCTP Nationals. It was by no means easy, but that's what makes competitions like this fun, because you can never tell what kind of targets you might be shooting.

By the end of the day I had beat dad, I hit 66 targets while he got 60. I cant really say much since he beats me usually by two targets anytime we shoot at Rio Salado.